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We help organizations to digitally transform their business. M Circle drives innovation to deliver the best solutions and guide your digital agendas, so you can thrive on change.

About Us

M Circle Services & Engineering is a leading business solutions company focusing on delivering competitive advantage to our customers and reducing cost and complexity in their organization.

Our focus is the transformation of IT infrastructure, business process management, commerce solutions, mobile solutions, analytics and information management.

What we do

Enterprise System Solutions

We design, implement and maintain your IT infrastructure systems to adapt and scale according to your business needs and strategy that will help manage your businesses effectively. 

Business Continuity Solutions

Development for system application system security, firewall and networking

Web & Mobile Apps Development

We provide a rich and interactive user experience. We keep this experience consistent across all devices through responsive design.


We deliver a complete suite of detection, protection, and response capabilities with network, endpoint, and email and Cloud security solution.

Digital Media Marketing

We help businesses refine strategies, increase brand awareness, target the right people, and build the ultimate brand. Enhance your business’ online profile so you stand out.

Big Data

The future of your business depends on the data and analytics capabilities you build and scale. Explore the big data infrastructure that support new opportunities, cost savings and transformation.

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